Louisiana State Police lieutenant tasered during arrest was not charged in previous theft investigation

Louisiana State Police lieutenant tasered during arrest was not charged in previous theft investigation
Sheldon Perkins, 48 of Baton Rouge, who is assigned to the Bureau of Investigations was arrested for DWI and several other charges after he was stopped for speeding and improper lane use violations, according to documents from the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office and Louisiana State Police

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - A Louisiana State Police lieutenant who was tasered by his fellow troopers as they attempted to detain him Saturday, Aug. 24 was previously involved in a 2017 internal investigation in which he was never criminally charged.

Louisiana State Police confirmed to WAFB that Sheldon Perkins, 48, had previously been suspended for two weeks and docked an additional 80 hours of pay in 2017 after investigators determined he removed evidence from a state vault.

LSP investigators determined that Perkins violated a number of policies, including one requiring troopers to “maintain a competency level sufficient to properly perform his duties," according to a 2017 report published by Jim Mustain, a reporter for The Advocate at the time.

“But while he was suspended without pay for two weeks and transferred to a new position, he was not arrested or even demoted,” Mustain wrote.

Maj. Doug Cain, a State Police spokesman at the time, told Mustain, “We don’t have that answer. This case is from 2016,” when asked why Perkins hadn’t been criminally charged, even though his actions amounted to a criminal violation of malfeasance in office.

The report says investigators determined Perkins had improperly handled fishing equipment and a $400 ice chest recovered during a 2015 theft investigation in Grand Isle. Perkins “improper” actions included never entering the stolen items into the State Police evidence tracking system.

Since the case was closed, Perkins determined the items were no longer needed and took the property. When questioned, Perkins allegedly told investigators he intended to donate some of the items to Goodwill but hadn’t gotten around to doing so. Perkins also allegedly gifted a fishing rod to a retired State Police lieutenant, Bruce Dykes, who helped him remove the property from the evidence room.

“Maybe I did break the law. I’m not sure,” Dykes said, according to the report. Dykes did however say that he “felt [that] Lt. Perkins definitely broke the law for taking the items.”

Perkins was arrested and charged with DWI and speeding early Saturday morning.

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