Teen charged with arson that killed pets in Pineville gets probation, restitution

Teen charged with arson that killed pets in Pineville gets probation, restitution
Shea Dubrock, 19, is accused of intentionally setting a house on fire in Rapides Parish, killing a cat and a dog. (Source: RPSO)

RAPIDES PARISH, La. (KALB) - Shea Dubrock, 19 of Pollock, who was accused of setting fire to a home in Pineville and killing two animals inside back in April 2017, has been sentenced two years of supervised probation and will have to pay restitution, KALB reports.

Dubrock was charged with seven counts of simple arson, a single count each of burglary of a dwelling and obstruction of justice, two counts of cruelty to animals, and a dozen counts of contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile.

According to reports from the Louisiana Fire Marshal, Dubrock was alleged to have set fire to a home on Fendler Parkway Drive in Pineville in April 2017 where a dog and cat inside were killed. Investigators also alleged that he set fire to six other properties on Fendler Parkway and Woodwind Drive and Highway 28 East.

On Wednesday, he changed his plea and pleaded guilty to the lesser offense of simple criminal damage and simple burglary. In exchange, the other charges he faced were all dismissed.

Judge Greg Beard sentenced Dubrock to two years of supervised probation and $11,950 in restitution. Dubrock was represented by Chris LaCour. The case was prosecuted by Greg Wampler.

On Wednesday afternoon, Erin Yeates, who lost her home to the arson and also her pets, contacted News Channel 5 after she found out about the plea through a KALB news article. She said she was not contacted by the DA’s Office about the plea and called them directly for answers.

"Literally, the new DA assigned, Greg Wampler, literally said that he was just given the information and that he had no real understanding of it," she told us. "That DA Cheryl Carter had given him any type of information and he said I'm so sorry, maybe I didn't know everything. No one. No one contacted me before this was made. I was led to believe I would be subpoenaed to court in October or November so that as requested would sit down in front of this human being to speak to him."

Yeates, through tears, also told KALB she has lost faith in the judicial system and has since moved out of the parish.

"I'm so disgusted and heartbroken," she said. "I have zero faith left in feeling safe by that justice system. How can anybody justify that as being okay?"

KALB reached out to the DA’s Office for clarification about the sentence and how the plea came to be. Here is their statement:

"Today Shea Dubrock pleaded guilty to simple burglary, a felony and simple criminal damage to property, a misdemeanor. He had no prior felony convictions. He was sentenced to two years supervised probation and ordered to make restitution by Judge Greg Beard. After a thorough review of all facts and the law, the District Attorney’s Office felt the resolution was appropriate."

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