ACTION JACKSON: Gardere neighborhood residents say city-parish neglecting to clean up

ACTION JACKSON: Calls to 311 about trash in the Gardere area go unanswered

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - People living near Port Drive in Gardere say trash and debris in the neighborhood is becoming a big problem. One woman visiting her family from Franklinton says she was shocked to see the amount of trash throughout the neighborhood.

“We don’t have nothing like this in the country. When I seen this, oh, the whole street needs to be cleaned up. It’s too much trash,” said Nora Dickerson.

People living in the area feel the issue is deeper than the eyes can see.

“People come through here and they see it as a just a ghetto. They don’t see it as a place that has true potential. Just because you see something’s ugly, doesn’t mean you can’t change it,” said Deanthony Johnson, a resident of the area.

Residents in the Gardere area are concerned about the buildup of debris.
Residents in the Gardere area are concerned about the buildup of debris. (Source: WAFB)

Many of the residents say they have reported the trash to the 311 call center, however, chief communications officer for the mayor’s office, Mark Armstrong, says commercial properties, including apartments and duplexes, are where you’ll find most trash in this area. He says the property owners are responsible for disposing of the debris and the mayor’s office is working with them to resolve the issue.

“If you’re a property owner of one of those commercial properties and you do major renovations and you put that on the side of the road, you’re actually supposed to contract privately to have that picked up. The mayor is very concerned about having a clean, safe community, so we’re doing everything we can to pick up any sort of debris that is on the side of the road, whether it’s left by a commercial business or whether it’s left by a resident," Armstrong said.

Armstrong says it could take a week or longer to get the properties cleaned.

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