Reaction mixed as SU debuts new paid parking meters

New paid parking meters at Southern University met with mixed reaction

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Freshmen are not the only new additions to Southern University this fall. Paid parking meters are now popping up all over the Bluff as classes start up again.

“We had got some complaints from students that they didn’t have any parking on campus,” said Eric Reid, director of traffic and parking for the school.

Reid says it’s an answer to a growing need and will add options not just for students, faculty, and staff, but also for visitors.

“Anything new or change will take a little while, but I think it’s going to come around,” said Reid.

New paid parking meters at Southern University met with mixed reaction

The meters have been installed along with the Jag Reserve app, which will allow folks to conveniently pick a spot and then park hassle-free. Drivers have two options: they can go into the app and choose a reserved spot at a four-hour minimum, or they can come to one of the meters, make a selection, and pay by the hour. The spaces cost $1.50 per hour and those who park without paying for the spot will be slapped with a $30 ticket. With change comes the complaints though, because the parking meters are not sitting well with some students.

“It’s a bad idea, I mean, because we’re already paying for a parking tag, so to pay for a spot is just not good,” one junior told WAFB’s Scottie Hunter.

Reid says students are not required to park in the new spots, adding that it’s just an option. He says the money generated from the spots will go towards improving streets on campus.

“Making the parking lot better, you know, with striping or as far as potholes, filling potholes,” Reid added.

While she can get behind improved parking lots, one student says she will not support the news spots.

Anyone interested in finding out where the new spots are located and how they can reserve a space can click here.

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