Friends of Sadie Thibodaux hold fundraiser in her honor

Friends of Sadie Thibodaux hold fundraiser in her honor
Sabie Thibodeaux (Source: Facebook)

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - A year after Baton Rouge woman Sadie Thibodaux was found dead after she’d gone missing on a boat on Lake Pontchartrain, her loved ones came together to ensure she’ll always remembered.

Loved ones gather to remember Sadie Thibodaux

Thibodaux’s body was found by members of the United Cajun Navy, who returned her body home and then named their mobile unit after her. Sunday, Aug. 18 her friends and family were selling jambalaya at CJ’s Daquiris, a place she visited often, to raise money for the Sadie Thibodaux Mobile Command Unit.

“Right now currently, it is broken down,” said friend and fundraiser organizer, Kehl Waltman. “We need money to maintain the vehicle so it can continue to do rescue missions and bring help to people that need it in natural disaster times.”

Members of the United Cajun Navy say that having Thibodaux’s name on the unit puts a name and a face behind their cause.

“Because of a tragedy, a lot of lives are saved and affected,” said Todd Terrell, who was on the boat that found Thibodaux.

But today, her friends are excited to celebrate and remember her at a place they often saw her.

“She was just such an amazing person,” said Cecilee Janis, who also helped organize the event. “It didn’t matter if you hadn’t seen her in 12 years, she was still going to treat you like you never missed a beat. The mobile command unit is Sadie’s legacy. It’s like the way she’s able to live on.”



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