Questions raised about Andover Community Home after allegedly mentally disabled man escaped, was shot forcing way into home

Zachary residents speak out about repeat problems at group home

ZACHARY, La. (WAFB) - People say they aren’t surprised that an allegedly mentally disabled man living at the Andover Community Home in Zachary was able to escape.

The man, 25, was nude and attempting to break into a home down the street when he was shot by the homeowner, according to the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s (EBRSO) Office. EBRSO says the homeowner told the nude man to go away before shooting him.

“Knowing the situation over there, nothing that happens surprises me,” said Charles Berry, who lives in the house next door to the Andover Community Home.

Another woman, Amanda Broussard, says her brother used to live in the group home with the man who was shot and says the man was nonverbal and wouldn’t have understood the commands to go away.

Broussard has concerns about the lack of staffing at the home.

“I've gone there when there's only been one staff person there. Day and night I've gone,” she said.

Berry says he’s seen the residents out in the yard naked and going to the bathroom. He says he can see from outside his house that residents at the group home are mistreated.

“They’re [always] hollering at the residents, like, we don’t talk to our dogs that way!” he said.

The Andover Community Home is one of seven homes that are a part of the Louise S. Davis Residential Facilities. When WAFB arrived at the property to ask for comment about the incident, cars in the driveway of the home pulled away. WAFB also reached the facility by phone, but they declined to talk.

EBRSO says since 2015, they have responded to 14 calls at the Andover Community Home, located at 22336 Sutter Lane.

Broussard acknowledges the homeowner who shot the man was placed in a difficult position and says the blame isn’t on the homeowner or on the disabled man, but on the group home employee that didn’t notice the man leaving, and the administration of the group home.

“I think someone needs to do something. I think this company needs to be investigated,” she said.

“We’re not blaming the kids. They don’t know any different,” Berry said. “They’ve got people who are paid to take care of them, and when they run in the neighborhood at one in the morning, it’s obvious that someone isn’t doing their job."

Neither the homeowner, nor the man who allegedly attempted to break into the home has been charged. EBRSO says the man who was shot is still in the hospital, in critical, but stable condition.

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