Baton Rouge Healing Circle looking to help victims of trauma through conversation

Community comes together to discuss recent mass shootings

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - If you were looking for a safe space to share your feelings about the recent mass shootings across the nation this past weekend, an event took place Tuesday evening in Baton Rouge to do just that.

Inside a coffee shop on Scotland Avenue, the Baton Rouge Healing Circle and other groups addressed emotions and fears, following two mass shootings across the country this weekend, and violence in Baton Rouge.

“We thought that we could really talk to the Latino community and anybody who’s been affected by any gun violence in our community to come together,” said Tonja Myles with the Healing Circle.

One of the biggest takeaways they wanted people to leave with is that trauma is real.

“It’s to talk about, yes, the issues are there. People can definitely experience trauma because of it, but how to start the healing process from it,” said Myles.

The El Paso shooting suspect wrote a manifesto before he entered the Walmart he chose at random and started shooting, criticizing a growing Hispanic population in Texas. The shooting was quickly condemned by the president.

“In one voice, our nation must condemn racism, bigotry and white supremacy,” said President Trump.

However, some people believe some of the president’s comments on immigrants has fueled the fire.

“I think it’s also enabling others who may have the same feelings and thoughts, to express them in very harmful ways,” said Rosa Gomez-Herrin with the Foundation for Louisiana.

Everyone is just hoping a little dialogue will go a long way towards promoting unity and healing in the community.

The Baton Rouge Healing Circle hosts events like this every Tuesday and Thursday at the same location. It’s a result of the ReCAST Grant from the mayor’s office in order to have a safe space for people to talk about feelings when it comes to trauma.

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