Fling Golf: A golfer’s revolution?

Fling Golf

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Can you imagine golf without a bag of clubs and a cart? It’s happening in Baton Rouge right now.

There’s foot golf, there’s disc golf, and there’s even putt-putt. But people are now doing something different from all of those.

“This is fling golf," said Rober Day. "It’s played with this stick, called a fling stick. It’s played with this stick. It’s the only instrument you need to play this. The sport is friendly to the golf course and the game of golf.”

This rather new sport is a cross between lacrosse and golf.

“This game seamlessly weaves in with regular golf, so unlike different variants of golf, you don’t really have to add modifications to the golf course," added Curtis Gillam.

Avid fling golfers say they’ve gotten a lot of interesting comments about the game.

“Fling golf? What is that? What are you putting in that? What are you...? Mainly from the golf purists, not to put them down, I understand you know it’s pretty out there initially for a lot of people to take in,” Gillam explained.

Fling golf targets the average duffer and gives them a chance to better enjoy their experience on the golf course.

“I have yet to break 100 in about 100 rounds. The first time I went on the course with this, I shot an 85 legitimately. It’s the most fun I’ve had on the golf course in 50 years,” Day stated.

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