Former LSU punter helping incoming college freshman hoping to make LSU’s roster with new training device

Former LSU punter helps train incoming freshman using new device

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Players reported to LSU to begin regular workouts Friday, Aug. 2. One punter is hoping a first of its kind trainer will help him get a spot on the roster.

“If you have a good punter, it allows you to open up the offense," said Rene Bourgeois, a former LSU punter.

Former LSU punter, Rene Bourgeois
Former LSU punter, Rene Bourgeois (Source: WAFB)

Devon Teer doesn’t even have a team, but the incoming college freshman has spent the summer practicing. He’s hoping someone will give him a look. It’s a long shot, but Teer’s got a trainer.

“It’s been 30 some odd years since I was out there,” Bourgeois said.

Even die hard Tiger fans may have trouble remembering Bourgeois. Really, how often you remember a punter? Bourgeois was named All SEC in 1989, but his claim to fame came in a game most fans would prefer to forget: a 32-16 loss to Alabama.

“We weren’t in holes, we were in craters,” Bourgeois said. He punted eight times for more than 350 yards. ESPN named him Player of the Game, an oddity for a punter.

Bourgeois has been training Teer since the 2018 season.

“About game three, I had a really bad game. I wasn’t feeling good about it,” Teer said.

“I was in the garage and I saw some PVC pipe hanging around, and I saw some wire,” Bourgeois said.

That pipe and wire became the first ever punter trainer. It’s a device that suspends the ball in midair so a punter can hone in on the correct body position at the point of contact.

“It’s almost like a magic trick,” said Bourgeois.

“It was a life saver,” Teer said. “I started using it. It helped a lot, especially with consistency.”

The trainer helped take Teer’s punts from the high 30s to more than 50 yards, including a Dutchtown record 73-yarder. He’s hoping it’s enough for him and his punt trainer to walk on at LSU this fall. Bourgeois thinks he’s got a shot.

“Get some muscle mass on him and you could be looking at one of the top five SEC punters in the near future,” Bourgeois said.

Bourgeois says anyone interested in the device can email for more information.

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