KIRAN: Search warrant on Josef Richardson reveals deputies were looking for drugs

9NEWS INVESTIGATORS: Search warrant on Josef Richardson reveals deputies were looking for drugs

PORT ALLEN, La. (WAFB) - The 9News Investigators have learned a search warrant for drugs was served at the Budget 7 Motel in room #5 in Port Allen on July 25 by members of the River West Narcotics Task Force.

The search and seizure warrant that was signed by a West Baton Rouge judge July 25 and executed later that evening led up to the fatal shooting of Josef Richardson, 38, by a West Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office deputy, who was on that task force. Louisiana State Police is investigating.

The search warrant states, “The River West Narcotics Task Force received information from a reliable confidential informant that a quantity of Methamphetamine is located at the above described location,” at the Budget 7 Motel.

The warrant goes on to say a confidential informant had purchased meth in the last 72 hours from a black male at the Budget 7 Motel.

The WBRSO deputy was asked in the warrant to search for and seize several different things, including any cell phones, money, guns, pictures and videos, or any other evidence that could show the distribution/possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine, which is a felony.

Because drugs can be hidden on a person, the warrant also asked the court to grant officers the right to search anyone found at the residence and for the warrant to be executed at any time, including during the day, night, weekends, and/or holidays.

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Richardson had previously been arrested on drug charges by WBRSO, which is why the agency asked the court to grant a “no knock” entry, or entry without announcement, to search the premises, all structures, vehicles, and anywhere else drugs may have been concealed.

The 9News Investigators have learned Richardson was sentenced April 17, 2017 for obstruction of justice and possession with intent to distribute heroin. He was sentenced to five years for the obstruction charge and 30 years for the heroin charge. The sentences were to run concurrently, with 25 years of the sentence suspended, meaning he had to serve five years behind bars.

However, Department of Corrections (DOC) spokesman, Ken Pastorick, says because both charges were non-violent offenses, Richardson had to serve 35% of his sentence behind bars. He was also given credit for specific programs and classes he took while in jail. Richardson was released April 27, 2018. In total, he served one year, one month, and 23 days of the original five-year sentence.

Earlier this week, the owner of Budget 7 Motel told WAFB Richardson had been living there for the past eight years. He added he never had any problems with Richardson.

A copy of the warrant can be viewed here. 9News has confirmed the deputy named in the warrant is not the one accused of shooting and killing Richardson.

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