LSU alum’s GoFundMe to build new library gaining traction

LSU alum’s GoFundMe to build new library gaining traction
A GoFundMe has been set up in partnership with the LSU Foundation to fix the crumbling Middleton Library on campus. It has been in disrepair for a number of years including issues with flooding, mold, bad carpeting and leaky roofs. They set a goal of $20M with the hopes of providing a world-class facility for the entire student body.

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - She doesn't go to LSU anymore and she doesn't even live in Louisiana anymore, but Ginger Burk is tired of seeing how bad the LSU library looks. She's started a GoFundMe campaign page on her own, hoping to raise money for a new library.

“I didn’t see anything else, I was surprised no one had started anything of a GoFundMe account to help the university’s library,” Burk said. “And so when I didn’t see one, I thought maybe the time was there to start one.”

Burk is an LSU alumna who now lives in Virginia. She remembers the nights she spent in the library and wants the school to know that fixing it up is a priority.

“I thought now was the time to maybe sort of get my fellow alums and I organized and send a message that we think the library is really important.”

In just three days the GoFundMe campaign is approaching 100 donors and has over $4,500 in donations.

"I've been gone more than a decade and even then the library was struggling and it hasn't gotten any better in the intervening years," said Burk.

LSU alumna cuts through locker room controversy by starting GoFundMe for new library

In 2017 LSU released a master plan to build a new library, but it hasn’t happened yet, and attention was directed to the state of the library again last week after the unveiling of the new football locker room, which was funded by donors.

"I was happy to see that the football team had new world-class facilities," she said. "I think they deserve them, they represent our school so well, but I also think all of the other students deserve to have world-class library facilities."

In a statement to WAFB, the LSU Foundation thanked Burk for her efforts.

"We're grateful for the enthusiastic support of LSU alumni like Ginger. We have been in touch with her to ensure we honor the intent of donors contributing to this effort."

“We are showing the state, the university, and most importantly the students at LSU that we care,” Burk continued. "That we care about their facilities. That we want them to have a world-class education.

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