Gotcha bikeshare service restored after technical glitch

Glitch in Gotcha bikes causes delays after launch

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Gotcha bikes are back in service after a technical glitch caused issues with the bikeshare’s app.

Issues started happening Tuesday afternoon during Gotcha’s app update, which made it unavailable.

Gotcha said it notified its users via the app and on its social media pages.

“We have received a high volume of ridership since launching the bike share system in Baton Rouge, which has revealed some tech issues,” Passe said.

There were nearly 1,000 app downloads within the first week of the launch.

She added that Gotcha is finishing a required firmware update on its app. Because of the technical difficulty, the company decided to put a temporary hold on the bikes in Baton Rouge.

The Gotcha bike share program in Baton Rouge has had a couple of snags in the process in the past six months. Its launch date had been delayed multiple times since March, citing an issue with the bike’s lock design as one of the reasons.

The city-parish awarded the five-year bike share contract to Gotcha for $800,000 last fall. The majority of funding came from a federal grant.

Five hundred bikes are rolled out to 50 hubs around the city. That includes downtown, LSU, and Southern. This is phase 1 of the project, and in phases 2 and 3, which are required to be complete 24 months after phase one, 800 bikes at 80 stations will be installed, expanding to the Health District and Mid City.

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