EBR residents can report property damage caused by Hurricane Barry here

East Baton Rouge storm damage survey available

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - If your property suffered weather-related damage during Hurricane Barry, you can report those through a new online resources set up by city-parish leaders.

People can report any weather-related damages here.

Officials say assistance is not automatic nor guaranteed, but that they will explore all available resources for recovery and future mitigation projects.

If you do not have access to a computer, hard copies of the survey are available at local libraries across the parish. If you are unable to access a hard copy form, call the City-Parish at 225-389-2855 for assistance.

Damage Assessment Tips

Insured Property

  • Remember: Flooding generally is not covered under homeowners’ policies. Flood insurance is a separate policy offered through the National Flood Insurance Protection Program (NFIP) or through private insurers.
  • Notify your claims process.
  • Document the damage by taking pictures of your property and the contents. Coordinate with your insurance adjuster in filing a Proof of Loss with your insurance company within 60 days of the flood.
  • Uninsured Property
  • Document the damage by taking pictures of your property and the contents.
  • If your property is flood damaged and you do not have flood insurance, help may be available from the federal government through small grants and larger low-cost loans.


  • If you have renter’s insurance, storm damage is covered.
  • Your personal property damaged by the storm will be covered according to your policies limits.
  • You will have to pay a deductible before your losses will be paid out.
  • If you are unable to occupy your rented house or apartment due to storm damage, your renters insurance coverage may help pay for additional costs you incur such as hotel bills.


  • Notify your insurer to start the claims process.
  • If you only have liability coverage, it is possible that you will not be covered for any flood damage to your vehicle.
  • Keep in mind you may have to pay a deductible.
  • If your vehicle is declared a total loss because of flooding, you cannot buy it back.
  • Louisiana law states that the insurance company has to send the certificate of title to the Office of Motor Vehicles along with the application for a Certificate of Destruction.

For additional tips on claiming damage please visit the Louisiana Department of Insurance’s website at: www.ldi.state.la.us or by phone at (225) 342-5900.

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