BBB warns of credit scams targeting children

Better Business Bureau warns of scams at Baton Rouge Press Club

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Keeping an eye on your credit is a job in and of itself, but now it’s just as important to make sure your children’s credit isn’t under attack from scammers.

Carmen Million with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) spoke before the Baton Rouge Press Club Monday, July 22. She says more children are becoming victims of credit and ID fraud, whether it’s from scammers or their own parents. Million brought up how tough it is for children to protect their own identity.

“She has to file a police report against her mother. Is she going to do that? Absolutely not. She lives with her mother, so her mother’s going to get away with it,” Million said.

Million says parents can check with the BBB to get a free check on their credit or to see if scammers have targeted their kids.

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