Community fights for peace through prayer march

Community fights for peace through prayer march
Save Our Cities Now March

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Dozens of people poured into the streets of Baton Rouge with hopes to use their voices to promote peace across the parish during the Save Our Cities Now march. Apostle Dr. Lloyd Benson, Sr. with the Cathedral World Worship Center started the march 18-years ago. He says the march provides a chance for people with different backgrounds to take action for change.

March held to honor Sadie Roberts-Joseph, end violence in Baton Rouge

“We want to see the city to come together and unify, working to restore the values to our that we can live in our city peacefully. Unity is the most powerful thing that we can have in our city. It doesn’t matter what race. The diversity of this city is our strength,” said Benson.

Business owners, city officials, and members from various churches joined together as marchers traveled to the steps of City Hall.

Bonnie Ridgedel participated in the march. She says it hits close to home.

“It’s good because I come from out of a bad place, and I used to do drugs and I used to do crimes myself. So, I can show people that there’s another side of the bad side, you can do the good side. God walks with us no matter what,” said Ridgel.

Ridgedel joined her pastor and members of Voices of Mercy Outreach Ministries. She says she believes unity along with prayer can help make the community stronger.

“Baton Rouge is really going down in the crimes, the drugs, and preferences in the blacks and the whites. So, all of us coming together, I think it really shows that we can do this,” said Ridgedel.

The march takes place annually downtown.

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