YOUR TURN: Flooding fears

YOUR TURN: Flooding fears

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - In the wake of Hurricane Barry, what did we learn?

Foremost, we learned that mother nature is difficult to predict, and fortunately for southeast Louisiana an under-prediction of rainfall for much of the area served to spare thousands from projected flooding. We also learned that we are seemingly more aware of the consequences of flooding as a result of 2016.

We ask you, as well as our elected leaders, are we really that much more prepared to deal with the consequences of another significant flood in the greater Baton Rouge area? Have we done anything collectively as a community to better understand and mitigate those risks? And, is it acceptable that we rise up in fear and anxiety and exhaust ourselves by lifting our belongings or evacuating each time a significant event rolls through our area?

While it is outstanding that we are much more aware, we must be more prepared. On an individual level, each of us in our community have to do more to understand the likelihood of flooding and compare that with an acceptable level of preparation. As a collective community, we need to realize that the chances of another significant flood are disproportionately high and we have just invested billions to rebuild.

“Maybe Barry was a subtle reminder to us that we need to be thinking big about flood risk reduction in our area.” This message was sent to us from a local civil engineer.

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