Friends, family, first responders mourn loss of ‘The Cake Lady’

Saying goodbye to Betty "The Cake Lady" Weber

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Ms. Betty “The Cake Lady” Weber might not have worn the firefighter uniform or run into burning buildings, but she could easily be considered a first responder.

“She’s part of our family. She’s part of the department,” said Fire Chief Ed Smith with the Baton Rouge Fire Department.

People like to say happiness comes from within, but first responders in Baton Rouge like to think it came from “The Cake Lady.”

Very rarely did firefighters start their day without a quick, ‘Hey, how’s it going?’ and a warm hug from Weber. She had a routine, says Fire Chief Smith.

“The majority of the time, she had her little schedule and she knew what station she was going to," he said.

And when she set foot in any fire station with an armload of goodies, diets were out the door.

“She always made me a pineapple upside-down cake,” Chief Smith said with a smile.

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She was the most nominated person for WAFB’s Hand It On award, and was awarded WAFB’s Person of the Year award.

"We lost a real angel," Greg said in his Facebook post.
"We lost a real angel," Greg said in his Facebook post. (Source: WAFB)

Chief Carroll Campbell with the Brownsville Department says Ms. Betty’s muffins were a favorite of his.

“She calls them power muffins. They were small, but you could eat about three or four of them," Chief Campbell said.

Her smile was just a bonus because soon after that came a talk, but it was the kind you looked forward to when you need a pick me up and a quick word of encouragement.

“From anything to rookie schools to graduations to our Christmas party,” Chief Smith said. “She always participated in everybody’s life.”

Michael Jackson with the Baton Rouge Fire Department says he was first introduced to Ms. Betty and her basket of goodies 15 years ago.

"It wasn’t like ‘come get this’ and she would take off,” Jackson said. “She always stayed. She always wanted to sit and talk to you. She always wanted to know how your family was doing.”

Ms. Betty even got to know the people at WAFB. She was a constant recipient of Hand it On, but never missed a chance to give out sweets. That’s because her love was limitless. She listened to that answered prayer from God: “Bake cakes, Betty.” Thank goodness she did.

The “mother to every Baton Rouge firefighter," Greg Meriwether says Weber was “literally one of the top five best people I have ever met,” in a Facebook post.

Recipe cards for her famous cakes were passed out at a celebration of her life.

“She was just faithful to do what she did, and it came from the heart,” Chief Smith said.

Ms. Betty is blessing the community even in her passing. She bought a bench. It’s located right next to her grave site so when anyone comes to visit, they have a comfortable place to sit. She also paid to have the bench engraved. It reads, “In honor of all police and firemen who sacrifice to protect and serve, love ‘The Cake Lady.’"

(Source: WAFB)

Ms. Betty was 83-years-old. She leaves behind two children and countless first responders.

Recipe cards for her famous were passed out at the celebration of life.
Recipe cards for her famous were passed out at the celebration of life. (Source: WAFB)

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