EBR officials working to tackle clogged sewers

Crews working on drainage issues in Baton Rouge's Garden District

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - The large oak trees that hang over the roads, the houses with swings on the front porches, and the sound of fountains are just a few reasons Darryl Powell and his wife decided to move to Baton Rouge’s Garden District.

“It’s beautiful, absolutely beautiful,” Powell said.

That is until it rains.

Garden District flooding - June 6, 2019 (Source: Sarah Powell)

"On the end of Cherokee here toward Camellia, it’s not unusual to have three, four foot of water down there after a heavy rain,” he said.

He says the sewers on his road are clogged full of mud and do not let water drain through them.

“I went out to that drain right there and brought a wheel barrel and a shovel and I started shoveling and it got to the point I couldn’t even budge it anymore with my shovel. I was by myself," Powell said.

He says he has called the city about the drains, but has not seen any solutions.

(Source: WAFB)
(Source: WAFB)

“As long as I’ve lived here it’s been a problem," he said.

Fred Raiford, the director of East Baton Rouge Parish’s Transportation and Drainage Department, says they’ve been working to get Powell’s street taken care of.

"We were working before the storm on Cherokee, but when the rain came in, we wanted to finish up some of the areas that were on the list to try to address and that’s what we’re trying to finish up today and hopefully be finished up by the end of the week,” Raiford said.

He says cleaning these drains is a time-consuming process and is asking homeowners for help in keeping the drains clear of any debris. Powell says they’re doing just that.

(Source: WAFB)

“My neighbors really came out last week and they, there's no telling how much debris they pulled out of them sewers to get them to drain,” Powell said.

Residents who have issues with drainage where they live should call 311 to report it to the city.

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