Family wants justice in loved one’s death nearly a decade after accused dognapper questioned in case

Updated: Jul. 10, 2019 at 8:47 PM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - As she sits behind bars for allegedly taking off in a man’s truck, running him over, and later leaving his dog to die, Leslie Aguillard could be locked up for a while as she stares down several felony charges. After seeing her pop back up in the news, accused in this most recent crime, it’s another bizarre case she was questioned for nearly a decade ago that now has some asking why she was not charged for the death of Vic Rogers, 40.


“My family’s never gotten over it. She took part of our lives away,” his sister said.

In an interview with WAFB’s Scottie Hunter, Rogers’ sister says he never stood a chance back in January of 2010 when he met Aguillard for a night that somehow ended with him dead. She says he met the woman through a mutual friend and agreed to meet up at a motel in New Roads. At some point that night, he fell down the concrete stairs and hit his head. Investigators tell WAFB she loaded Rogers into his own truck and took off, but they were not headed to the hospital. Aguillard allegedly told police the 40 year old later fell out of the truck at a gas station, but the chief deputy coroner in West Baton Rouge, Yancy Guerin, says the story did not match up.

“Her story started changing, and so then I became suspicious and then the detectives were working on the case as well and I got with them and said, ‘Look, this isn’t adding up,’” said Guerin.

Investigators say Aguillard drove at least more than an hour to Denham Springs, where she picked up a friend to find drugs. After noticing a change in his breathing, that’s when they say she finally took him to get help, but once they arrived, it was too late.


“How do you put somebody on their knees on the floorboard of their own truck and ride around to find your dope?” Rogers’ sister asked. “How do you do it?”

Rogers died around 5 a.m. the next morning. His death was ruled an accidental overdose, but his sister believes what happened was no accident.

“I mean, when we got his vehicle back, there’s was blood everywhere in the truck,” she said.

According to the coroner’s report, besides the drugs and alcohol in his system, her brother’s body was covered in cuts and bruises on his head, arms, and legs. His sister believes more could have been done to investigate the case and now, she will not give up until her family gets closure.

“I want her to pay for my brother’s death and I want justice for my brother,” she added.

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