SPORTSLINE SUMMER CAMP: Woodlawn Panthers Part 2

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Sportsline Summer Camp continues as we roll into the month of July, visiting with former LSU quarterback, Marcus Randall, and his Woodlawn Panthers.

Randall is entering his first year with the Panthers, taking over the program back in March and directing the squad during their spring game against the Walker Wildcats. Woodlawn has at least two impressive weapons on offense in senior running back #21, Jonero Scott, and #4 senior wide receiver, Terrell Smith. Scott rushed for over 700 yards last season, while Smith can be moved around and used in different ways to attack defenses. Senior Josh Serio, #15, has seen his share of playing time in the past at quarterback and hopes to be the starter in 2019. However, like many players on the roster, hardly has a spot locked up the first year head coach.

SPORTSLINE SUMMER CAMP: Woodlawn Panthers Part 1

“We do have a few guys that have solidified their spots coming into this season based on the things they’ve done in the past, but pretty much every other job, offense and defense, is pretty much open and is gonna’ go to the guys that work the hardest and that can catch on the the schemes and are pretty much ready to go,” said Randall.

Head Coach Marcus Randall
Head Coach Marcus Randall (Source: WAFB)

“This summer has been a challenge. It’s been harder than all the other summers I’ve been through since I’ve been at Woodlawn honestly. The biggest challenge is waking up in the morning thinking about ‘man I gotta’ go to practice.’ I’m passionate about football, but nobody gonna’ want to do that everyday, but you gotta’ make that decision if you want to be great,” said Christopher McNair, senior.

“We running it, we in the weight room pumping that iron, we pulling the sleds, pushing the tires, everything you can think of. We always say every day we putting in work,” said Scott.

“It’s way different. Last year, we were more of a run-oriented team. This year, we’re more of a spread team, passing the ball the majority of the time and throwing it and run, so we have respect the run game too,” said Caleb Blanchard, senior wide receiver.

(Source: WAFB)
(Source: WAFB)

“I’m just looking forward to playing with my brothers because we have a lot of skill positions, we have a lot of good people, a lot of talent, and I believe that with the coaches, we can be able to come back for a better season,” said Daylen Hardy, senior linebacker.

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