BRPD placing barricades at sites notorious for flooding

BRPD placing barricades at sites notorious for flooding
(Source: WAFB)

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - The Baton Rouge Police Department worked with the City of Baton Rouge all day Wednesday, July 10 to place barricades in areas that are known for flooding.

“It’s a preventative measure we’re trying to take after the June 6 incident,” said Baton Rouge Deputy Police Chief Jonny Dunnam. “We want to make sure that doesn’t happen ever again in Baton Rouge.”

Dunnam says the goal is to prevent people from driving into flood waters.

“We’re hoping it’ll save time and it’ll save a life,” he said. “We do ask that the public abide by those barricades, that they don’t go around them. There are several intersections around the city, obviously Acadian, rail road overpass on Acadian, South Acadian, the Chippewa Street, and there are several other locations that we’ll post on our Facebook page that we will be staging those barricades.”

(Source: WAFB)

When the storm does hit, residents are urged to stay home.

"Have plenty of water, potable water at the home, some canned goods you can eat if you do happen to be stuck at home and obviously if you don’t have to get on the roads, you don’t need to be on the roads during the storm and turn around, don’t drown,” said Curt Monte, public information officer for the Baton Rouge Fire Department.


  • I-110 in Governor’s Mansion curve
  • Chippewa Street train overpass
  • Wooddale Boulevard from Greenwell Springs Road to Florida Boulevard
  • Lobdell Boulevard from Greenwell Springs Road to Florida Boulevard
  • S Acadian @ railroad overpass
  • Burbank Drive @ W Parker Boulevard
  • Bluebonnet Boulevard @ railroad overpass
  • Florida Boulevard Service Road from Little John Drive to S Flannery Road
  • Oak Villa Boulevard between Tom Drive and Florida Boulevard
  • S Sherwood Forest Boulevard, running north and south of I-12
  • Plank Road @ Harding Boulevard
  • Scenic Highway @ Beech Street
  • Scenic Highway from 72nd to Harding Boulevard
  • Scenic Highway @ Monte Sano Avenue
  • North Boulevard at 10th Street

Monte says first responders will be ready if needed.

“Obviously, firefighters, their safety comes first,” Monte said. “If there is a situation where the winds are too high for that, but we’re going to respond. We’re going to be there.”


Dunnam says residents that do go out during the storm and get stranded could be tying up valuable resources.

"Get a list of items that they may need,” Dunnam said. “Stay at home, you know, try to stay off the roads, leave the roads available for emergency vehicles, for first responders to be able to go to the number of calls that we may receive during the storm."

A list of all the locations the barricades will be staged at can be found here. Anyone caught going around one of the barricades can be ticketed, Dunnam says.

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