Albany Hornets (Source: WAFB)

ALBANY, La. (WAFB) - Our Sportsline Summer Camp series continued Sunday due east on I-12 at Albany High School.

SPORTSLINE SUMMER CAMP: Albany Hornets - Part 1
SPORTSLINE SUMMER CAMP: Albany Hornets - Part 2

After a nine-win season in 2016 and an eight-win season in 2017, the Hornets admittedly struggled a little last year. They are now focused on a big step forward in Class 3A this season.

A total of 12 seniors are back for second-year head coach Mike Janis, who has made some changes this offseason, specifically on offense. The Hornets have traditionally been a power run team.

However, Janis explained last year showed him it’s time to open things up a bit and utilize his team’s speed in space. Meanwhile, junior defensive back Dae Dae Doherty shared his thoughts on 2018 with Janis taking over the reigns.

“We struggled having some diversity in our offense last season," said Janis. "We really struggled throwing the ball. We struggled to spread teams out and do some different things. I think that caught up with us in some games. This year that’s been the focus. We’re changing the offense, we’re spreading things out, we’re going to throw the ball a lot, and the kids are really having fun with it this summer.”

“Last year, I feel like it could have went better, but you can’t complain when it’s your first year with a new coach," Doherty added. "He came in and did what he had to do and put his trust in us and we had to put our trust in him. And we all did what we had to do.”

The Woodlawn Panthers will be previewed Monday.

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