Jefferson Parish: 157 animals rescued from Terrytown home; no charges filed against owner

Jefferson Parish: 157 animals rescued from Terrytown home; no charges filed against owner

TERRYTOWN, La. (WVUE) - Jefferson Parish animal control officers found and removed 157 animals of various species from a Terrytown home.

They have been taken to the Westbank Animal Shelter.

Shannon Neal is the chief animal control officer for Jefferson Parish and said the animals were living in unsafe and unsanitary conditions, but there were no signs of abuse.

“Once we were in the house, we realized quickly the animals needed to be removed," Neal said. “Sometimes people take on more animals than they can handle and it leaves them unable to provide the minimum standard of care.”

The animals rescued were 57 dogs, six nursing puppies, 83 chickens, two baby chicks, seven rabbits, one dove and one quail. Neal said it took roughly 10 hours to remove them all from the property.

No charges have been filed against the owner, as of Tuesday afternoon (July 2).

Samantha Decastro, a Jefferson Parish spokeswoman, said there are no indications that the owner had any malicious intentions.

“We don’t believe that this was a situation where animals are being raised to fight or anything. We actually believe that the person was just trying to save the pets and thought he was doing well for the animals,” Decastro said.

While there were no signs of malnourished, it was clear the owner was unable to take proper care of them.

“We saw them with matted hair, and fur and with fecal matter on them, just not safe or clean for any animal to live in. We are looking at other things as well, as the home was not in proper order," she said.

The animals will be evaluated by a veterinarian to determine if any are ill and will be held pending further investigation, in cooperation with the appropriate parish officials.

The shelter is experiencing a higher than normal capacity and are asking the citizens of Jefferson Parish to please help by adopting or fostering one of the animals.

Large dogs weighing 26 pounds or more and cats will be available for adoption for only $10.00. All fees for senior dogs and cats -- eight years or older -- will be waived. Checks, debit and credit cards are accepted.

Parish officials would not give the address of the house where the animals were found because the investigation is still ongoing.

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