CBD business owner worries new guidelines will force shops to close

CBD business owner worries new guidelines will force shops to close
CBD sign inside Simply CBD store in New Orleans.

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - This is the first week Sean Partridge can legally sell CBD products. His business, Simply CBD, is one of a few in New Orleans to receive a temporary permit from Alcohol and Tobacco Control.

"This process is both new for us and the ATC and being the first people that are holding a permit this is the first permit that they have ever reviewed and approved,” Partridge said. “It's a learning process for everyone."

He says the entire process took a week. Partridge already had a permit from the agency for selling vaping products. He says getting the CBD permit was easier.

At Herb Import Company on Canal Street, CBD products are still on the shelves even though, they don’t have a permit.

"I am still selling CBD here,” said Herb Import Company owner Den’A Tiberius. “It is still legal to sell even though there has been no form of reach out of enforcement. We don't really know where we are from it."

According to Louisiana law and the ATC, he’s breaking the law.

ATC Deputy Commissioner Ernest Legier says his team will start visiting businesses illegally selling CBD and hand out warning letters.

"Until I am told, until I am issued something that says you must not do this, I am doing this," said Tiberius.

Under the new law, CBD cannot be used for vaping or in food and beverages, this part of the guideline is what frustrates both Tiberius and Partridge.

"There's no way that these guidelines help business,” said Tiberius. “That is not what's going on here."

"CBD has a variety of uses and a lot of delivery methods and they have temporarily banned two of them that are extremely effective edibles and vaporable smokables,” says Partridge. “A lot of people find relief from those and we would love to offer those to our clients."

They both removed those products and say they’ll be fine, but Tiberius says other shops won’t be as lucky.

"My business can sustain the loss of a lot of these products but there are businesses that are specifically designed just to sell CBD that will go belly up," said Tiberius.

Legier says businesses illegally selling CBD products have until August 1 to stop before the agency starts its enforcement. He says businesses who fail to do so could face fines and possible criminal charges.

The full list of businesses with completed CBD permits, here.

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