OUR TURN: 3 Central Private grads rescue people caught in riptide

OUR TURN: 3 Central Private grads rescue people caught in riptide
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CENTRAL, La. (WAFB) - The word hero can be used a bit loosely at times, but three recent graduates of Central Private School certainly earned that title.

OUR TURN: Central Private grads rescue 5 people from riptide

In a story that just came to light a few days ago, Blake Kolb, Parker Toural, and Brant Marshal were credited with saving five people caught in a rip current in late May while on their senior trip in Destin, Florida. In what can only be deemed as fate, the three teens had just returned to the beach to pack up a tent when they heard screams coming from the water. Without hesitation, the recent grads jumped into action, rescuing all five, including one person who was initially unresponsive once back on shore.

Mrs. Sam Kolb, Blake’s mother, said, "There is a reason the kids left that tent on the beach, and that those boys went to get it at that exact time. God had a bigger plan that day.”

Whatever the reason, we know the five people who were saved will be forever grateful for their heroes, and we’re thankful to have those three young heroes in our community.

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