New allegations of abuse could prove teen acted in self-defense in father’s killing

New allegations of abuse could prove teen acted in self-defense in father’s killing
Anthony Templet, 17 (Source: EBRSO)

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - New allegations that 17 year old Anthony Templet had been subjected to years of abuse and that he had been kept away from his family for 11 years, according to Templet’s sister, could lay the framework for the teen’s legal team to argue self-defense.

Family says teen charged in father's death went missing years ago

Defense attorney Louis Unglesby, who is not affiliated with the case, said if what has been reported is true, it appears that when Anthony shot and killed his father Burt, he was acting in defense of his life.

"Preservation is instinctive and then when you have abuse, whether it be psychological abuse, verbal abuse, or certainly physical abuse or a combination of them then you have fear, and when you have someone that lives in fear, their reactions, depending on the circumstances, are going to be different than someone who has lived a rational happy life,” Unglesby said.

Anthony’s sister told WAFB that both she and her brother witnessed their father violently abuse their mother and said that when he was a baby “his father would hold him while he was abusing my mother.”

Unglesby said all of this will likely be admissible in court.

“In a case like this the whole history would be allowed because it’s all about was he acting reasonably,” Unglesby said. “He doesn’t have to be right. You know, you may go look at the facts and say, in truth, you weren’t in jeopardy but if he had a reasonable belief that he was and there’s history that would support such then the courts would definitely entertain that.”

East Baton Rouge District Attorney Hillar Moore said his office was only made aware of these new allegations on Monday. He said his office along with the Sheriff’s office is investigating.

"We've received some phone calls from different people providing different information and we'll continue to listen to whatever's out there, we'll follow the evidence and present our case accordingly,” Moore said.

Moore said he does intend to bring this case before a grand jury.

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