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CENTRAL, La. (WAFB) - The Sportsline Summer Camp crew took the short trip to Central to visit with the Wildcats.

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Veteran head coach Sid Edwards and his players say they’re tired of finishing around .500 and are ready to take steps towards being more elite this season.

For Central, it starts with electric, dual-threat quarterback Sam Kenerson, who is now entering his senior year. Coaches said they’ll play him everywhere. No. 14 won’t only line up under center. He’ll also be put in the backfield at running back, he’ll return some kicks, and he’ll even take snaps on the defensive side of the ball at cornerback.

Kenerson is actually being recruited as a defensive back by such colleges as Army, Georgia Southern, UL-Monroe, and South Alabama.

According to Edwards, Kenerson will be handing the ball to such running backs as Josiah Rankins and Jonathan Swift, while relying on senior middle linebacker Ryan Cotton and senior cornerback Jermaine Spears defensively.

The mission is to win a few more games in the regular season to avoid traveling in the playoffs again. The Wildcats are keying on what it will take to accomplish that goal.

“Not being selfish, that’s what it’s about is not being selfish, just playing as a team,” said Cotton.

Collectively, this 11 you guys are going to put on the field defensively, what do you like about it?

“I think we are the best 11 in the state. That’s what I believe. That’s what I believe. We have the best 11 in the state. We’ve got everything, every person in the right position, we have a good secondary, everything, speed, we got hard hitters, and smart players with good IQ,” Cotton added.

“Oh, I think we look wonderful, amazing; I’m ready," said Spears. "I’m ready for this year. We are going to be good this year.”

What’s Coach Sid Edwards’ message been to you guys?

“Oh, keep working; keep working. Try to get better each day and be better than the last day. Try to climb up the ladder and never move down; everyday, every summer, that’s all we have been doing,” Spears replied.

“We’re getting into the playoffs, we’re getting into the post season, district runner up, which, you know, we don’t celebrate that, but there’s some good things happening and the big deal is we have had a depth problem and you know, in high school football, or any level, when injuries occur, it catches you," Edwards explained. “It might be game four, five, six, or seven. We feel we’ve got a little bit more depth this year, but it’s still, that’s my concern developing what we consider to be two unit and if we can get to a three unit and I feel if we can get some good backups to our starters that’ll be ready to play, I think we can be okay.”

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