Beat the heat with this Summer classic

Beat the heat with this Summer classic

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Oh, it’s hot outside? Have a snowball and cool off. The obvious truth is that it’s very hot outside and it is only June.

“It literally feels like my skin is melting or burning,” one passerby at the LSU Lakes said Friday. “Like every time you walk out it’s like you can’t breathe. I can’t breathe now. Look at me, I just stepped out of the air conditioning and I’m sweating already.”

She said as she was driving by, she saw what is considered a Louisiana staple.

Beat the heat with this Summertime classic

"When I seen that snowball truck I was like I gotta have a snowball,” she said.

That soft, shaved ice is more than just a treat, it helps to beat the heat.

"It's just something that everybody enjoys,” said Mark Zweig, the owner of Ninja Snowballs. “We bring joy to people and we've never had anyone upset with a snowball and it's just amazing how people get smiles on their faces, get up and dance with our music and it just brings happiness to people, especially in this heat."

For those who make the snowballs, they even bring them some relief from the scorching heat.

"The air condition even on our snowball truck will not keep up with the heat so we try air condition, we have fans but pretty much we try to stay cool with the shaved ice and enjoy, eat what we have to stay cool,” Zweig said.

While they are great for short term relief, you still need to take other measure to protect yourself if you are going to be outside.

"You really can't drink too much water or Powerade or Gatorade you know sports drinks like that,” said Mike Chustz, the public service coordinator for Baton Rouge EMS. “Avoid the over consumption of caffeine and alcohol when you’re out in the heat and, because that really exasperates the dehydration."

If you start feeling light headed or dizzy, Chustz said go ahead and take a break. Go inside and cool off.

"Cool damp rag, ice packs, anything that you can put around your neck, under the armpits, the groin area, it can cool you down quick,” he said.

And, if you can get one, do not forget that snowball.

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