KIRAN: Check from brother of WBR Sheriff written out to same inmate who worked at sheriff’s home

KIRAN: Check from brother of WBR Sheriff written out to same inmate who worked at sheriff’s home

WEST BATON ROUGE PARISH, La. (WAFB) - Patrick Cazes is the brother of West Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff Mike Cazes. Patrick has been employed by the West Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office since 2003, most currently as a garden deputy at the jail.

As part of a request submitted by the 9News Investigators for the entire case file, as well as the interrogation tapes, related to a Department of Corrections (DOC) investigation of West Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff Mike Cazes, investigators turned over a check dated Feb. 22, 2019, for $45. The signature on the check belongs to Patrick Cazes. It’s written out to Elmer Castillo.

Castillo is the inmate the 9News Investigators caught on camera working unsupervised at Sheriff Cazes’ private home. Castillo is illegally in the country and a convicted sex offender for an incident with a 13-yr-old girl.

DOC launched an investigation after seeing WAFB’s video. DOC’s investigator questioned Cazes with the sheriff’s attorney, Tommy Damico, by his side. Cazes admitted having Castillo at his home.

When questioned how Castillo made it to his home, Cazes told DOC he had a deputy bring Castillio there and pick him up. That explanation contradicts initial statements made by Sheriff Cazes to WAFB, in which Cazes said he personally transported Castillo from the jail.

“I told Kiran Chawla I picked up him and took him home, but I’m just telling you the truth. He got there, we went and get the van, we unloaded the furniture, put the stuff together. He put the box out and that was it,” Sheriff Cazes told the DOC investigator.

During that same questioning, the DOC investigator asked Cazes about Patrick.

INVESTIGATOR: Who is Patrick Cazes?

SHERIFF: That’s my little brother.

CAZES’ ATTORNEY: We’re not going to go into any more questions about Patrick.

When the DOC investigator found the check, he also questioned Castillo using an interpreter to clarify some things. The sheriff said the inmate only helped him assemble a crib. But was there more?

INVESTIGATOR: Did you push a lawnmower, cut grass?

INTERPRETER: He never cut the grass.

INVESTIGATOR: Never at all? You never cut the grass?

INTERPRETER: He don’t want to get in trouble, he say.

INVESTIGATOR: Okay, how you going to get in trouble cutting grass? You already working.

INTERPRETER: Yeah, he cut the grass.

In the DOC report, the investigator said he had additional information, writing “…on 3/7/19 Castillo had cut the grass of Sheriff Cazes, Patrick Cazes, who lives in close proximity to Sheriff Cazes, and another unknown party who also lives close to Sheriff Cazes.”

According to the West Baton Rouge Assessor’s Office, Patrick Cazes lives next door to his Sheriff Cazes, his older brother. An empty lot next to Patrick Cazes is registered in the name of Sheriff Cazes’ son.

The 9News Investigators caught Castillo at Sheriff Cazes’ home on March 8. The DOC investigator asked Castillo if he’d cut grass at that location the day before, March 7.

INVESTIGATOR: You maintain still that you only worked one day out there?

INTERPRETER: He just worked one day.

INVESTIGATOR: Did you cut grass that day for one yard, dos, tres?

INTERPRETER: He just cut the grass for one, for one person.

INVESTIGATOR: And who was that person? Was it Sheriff Cazes’ yard?


INVESTIGATOR: Have you worked for anybody else outside the compound?


Which begs the question why did Patrick Cazes write Castillo the check on Feb. 22, 2019 for $45. The 9News Investigators went by Patrick Cazes’ home Friday, June 21, seeking an explanation. No one answered. We also called his cell phone. He did not answer, but we did leave him a message. As of now, Patrick Cazes has yet to return the call.

Despite repeatedly questioning Castillo, again using an interpreter, the DOC investigator did not get far with the inmate when asking about the sheriff’s brother.

INVESTIGATOR: Do you know a Patrick Cazes?

INTERPRETER: No, he don’t know him.

INVESTIGATOR: Feb. 22, this year. He wrote you a check for $45.

INTERPRETER: He knows [Patrick] by ‘Pat.’

INVESTIGATOR: Okay. Pat. You know Pat? You’ve done work for Pat?

INTERPRETER: He’s claiming he’s not working for him.

INVESTIGATOR: So why does he give you $45 check?

INTERPRETER: He don’t know why he got a check for $45.

That check from Patrick Cazes was eventually deposited into Castillo's account at the parish jail.

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