Acadian Ambulance offers summer safety tips for parents

Acadian Ambulance offers summer safety tips for parents
playground (Source: Luke Burdsall)

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - The average temperature during a typical summer here in Southwest Louisiana is over 90 degrees.

But as Chad Doucet points out, it can feel even hotter. As a father of 3, he worries about his girls safety in the heat.

"What we normally do is keep them in until the afternoon when the sun kind of sets, especially during the hottest parts of the day," Doucet said.

Billy Vincent with Acadian Ambulance says for children, their skin is more fragile than an adult's, so it's easier for them to burn on common things like playground equipment.

"Dark rubber equipment could come into 180 degrees, slides can reach 140 degrees, all of this can cause burns within seconds to an individual that comes into contact with them if they're fairly young," Vincent said.

He also says water from a garden hose left out in the sun can reach over 140 degrees. So if you intend on running the hose for children or pets, Vincent says to let the water run until it becomes cool again.

He says the best thing for parents to do is to take preventative measures.

"Go out there and test where your child is going to be ahead of time,” Vincent said. “Just put your hands on everything their going to be out there in contact with while playing."

Vincent says taking precaution can go a long way this summer.

“No one wants their kids to be injured,” Vincent said. “Everyone wants their kid to go out, have fun in our beautiful weather in southern Louisiana that we have here. That can make a big difference and prevent something that could be catastrophic where it should’ve been a fun time in the sun.”

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