103-year-old Baton Rouge woman sets new record

103-year-old Julie Hawkins of Baton Rouge becomes oldest woman to compete at Senior Games

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (WAFB) - On Monday, June 17, 103-year-old Julia “Hurricane” Hawkins, a Baton Rouge native, set a new record for the Senior Games in the 50 meter dash in the Women’s 100 plus division.

The very next day Hawkins would go on and finish the 100-meter dash in a little more than 46 seconds. While she didn’t break a record in the 100-meter dash, she did come in first place in her division.

Hawkins has been living in the same home since shortly after World War II ended and many may get a kick out of her talking about the struggle to stay in her prime.

Julia 'Hurricane' Hawkins talks about struggle to stay in her prime

Only two years ago, Hawkins became a world record holder for her age group in the 100 meters after finishing it in just under 40 seconds. “I thought it be neat to run at 100 and do the 100-yard dash,” Hawkins said.

National Senior Games.
National Senior Games. (Source: National Senior Games)

Hawkins said her favorite way to train is in the Louisiana heat in her garden.

“I have an acre of land and I have 50 kinds of trees and I’m working on them all the time,” Hawkins said.

With another Senior Games victory under her belt, she has no plans on slowing down.

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