TSA parades weapons, banned items confiscated in New Orleans

TSA parades weapons, banned items confiscated in New Orleans

KENNER, La. (WVUE) - Baseball bats, guns and knives are just some of the items seized by TSA agents at Louis Armstrong International Airport.

It may sound like common sense to many travelers, but thousands of people each yer miss flights after trying to bring banned items through security.

“We want you to realize that if you have something like this in your carry-on bag, this can act as a bludgeon and you certainly don’t want the passenger sitting next to you on the plane to have something like this,” said TSA agent Shari Koshetz about some of the weapons.

Among other the confiscated items were lacrosse sticks, hammers, workout weights, brass knuckles and guns.

“Some of the guns that you see on the table are pellet guns or air guns and while you might not kill somebody with them, if you held that up in the cabin or the aircraft you could create havoc,” Koshetz said.

Each year, the TSA shows off the confiscated items to raise awareness about what not to do. It is especially pertinent now.

“We’d hate to see anyone miss a fabulous summer vacation that they’ve planned because they’re trying to bring an item through the checkpoint that is not going to be allowed,” spokesperson Erin Burns said.

The airport continues to see more and more travelers every day.

In fact, last year, 13 million people passed through and that number is only expected to grow, meaning longer lines at TSA. So agents say it is the perfect to brush up on the rules and save yourself time and trouble.

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