OUR TURN: Hot cars

OUR TURN: Hot cars

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - With the temperatures rising, we wanted to take a minute and remind you to be safe with your children and your pets.

When it comes to vehicles, outside of crashes, more children under the age of 15 die in hot cars than from anything else. That is scary and it’s also 100% preventable.

Last year, 52 children died of heatstroke after being in a hot car.

It only takes a few minutes for your vehicle to become deadly. But get this, children have died from heatstroke in cars in temps as low as 60 degrees.

A few ways to remember that your child is with you:

  • Keep a stuffed animal in the car seat.
  • Move the stuffed animal to the front passenger seat as a reminder when your child is with you.
  • Put your phone, laptop, purse, left shoe or another essential item next to your child.
  • Teach your kids that cars are not a place to play and always lock the doors to prevent access from curious children.
  • Ask your childcare provider to call if the child doesn’t show up as expected.
  • If you see a child alone in a locked car, get them out immediately and call 911.

We have Heat hang tag reminders you can pick up at the Baton Rouge Clinic, CSC Customs or right here at WAFB.

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