Officials, residents disagree on widening of Tiggy Duplessis Road

Residents upset with plant to widen Tiggy Duplessis Road

GONZALES, La. (WAFB) - Karin Duplessis has lived on Tiggy Duplessis Road for a long time. She loves to garden. She’s pruning up her trees, but not everything is prim on the road that’s named after her dad.

“When I go out to the mailbox, I put my life in my own hands because they don’t slow down,” Duplessis said. “They do not slow down.”

Karin Duplessis
Karin Duplessis (Source: WAFB)

She says the speeders on Tiggy Duplessis Road are out of control, and she’s not the only unhappy neighbor.

“I’ve sat in my front yard and watched them do a minimum 40 to 60,” said resident, Nelson Morvant.

In 2006, Duplessis’ dad, Tiggy, was getting his mail from his mailbox and was hit by a drunk driver on the road that was already named after him. Ascension Parish officials have new safety plans for the one lane road. They are going to widen it, add a shoulder, and new, spiffy ditches.

“It’s got the most head-on collisions and it’s about third or fourth in sideswipes,” Assistant DPW Director Michael Enlow said, “which tells any logical person that this is an area in the way where people need more room to operate.”

But people who live on the road don't like the idea.

“Leave it as is. It’s fine with the white and the yellow. We don’t need it widened it’ll be a thruway,” Duplessis said. "It’ll be like the Indy 500 Raceway here.

“We have talked with some [residents]. Their concerns seem to be very valid concerns,” said Enlow. "Speeding is an issue, but I would think speeding is an issue on any road in this country. "

(Source: WAFB)

“You’re just encouraging people to come down here instead of using state highways,” Morvant said.

Enlow says the parish has heard the concerns of the residents, but is confident this is going to improve safety in the area.

“I think people need to understand the position we’re in. We’ll keep dialogue open and try to address their concerns, but I don’t think there’s any room for compromise when you’re talking about bringing a road up from substandard to standard,” he said.

But Duplessis just doesn't think it's a good idea or it's going to help with the speeding.

“You can’t prove it by me. You’re not gonna’ prove it by me,” she said.

Officials are holding a meeting Wednesday, June 19 to meet with those opposed to the widening project. The public meeting will be held at the Ascension Parish Governmental Complex, located at 615 E Worthey St., from 6 to 7:30 p.m.

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