SPORTSLINE SUMMER CAMP: Catholic Pointe Coupee Hornets

SPORTSLINE SUMMER CAMP: Catholic Pointe Coupee Hornets
Catholic Pointe Coupee Hornets (Source: WAFB)

NEW ROADS, La. (WAFB) - The Hornets of Catholic Pointe Coupee are focused on making 2019 a memorable year for their football program.

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The Sportsline Summer Camp crew stopped in on their spring game with Dunham and found the most prominent of 11 seniors still attracting a lot of attention.

Senior slot back Nick Carriere draws a crowd but always seems to make his way through, finding the end zone against the Tigers on a play while the cameras were rolling. Carriere never comes off the field for the Hornets, averaging 120 snaps a game at slot back, defensive back, and special teams performer.

He’ll be joined again by returning starting quarterback Aiden Vosberg and senior fullback Collin Grezaffi, who had more than 1,200 yards rushing last year for an offense that appears ready to pick up right where it left off.

Head coach David Simoneaux, who spent time at Parkview Baptist with Kenny Guillot and Central with Sid Edwards, is heading into his fifth year in New Roads with a handful of four-year starters. Those guys have been seeking out quality competition, like Zachary, in 7-on-7 and have seen win totals of six, 10, and eight in the last three seasons.

However, they say they’re ready to make a push for something like the 1978 Hornets that went to the Superdome and staked claim to the school’s last state title in football.

The Hornets bowed out of the playoffs in 2018 to the Bulldogs of Ascension Catholic in Division IV.

In addition to Carriere, some of the other seniors include two-way performer Micah Cifreo, who shined with a pick in the 7-on-7 against Zachary, and offensive lineman Reed Lambert, who visited the studio for interviews.

Vosburg, who’s been starting under center since he was a sophomore, also plays in the secondary. However, he has been mostly polishing his passing game to compliment his duties of executing the Hornets’ triple option attack.

There are a handful of other senior leaders worth mentioning, including linebacker Will Dunham, who grabbed some attention in the spring game against Dunham, ironically.

“Very physical and gets down hill,” said Simoneaux. “He sets the tone for us, as far as bringing the hammer on this side. Probably what he’s playing there, but he’ll also double as an offensive tackle, offensive lineman for us.”

“Collin Grezaffi was a 1,200-yard rusher for us last year. He’s tough as nails and just plays his butt off,” Simoneaux added.

“Aaron Beatty’s a guy that’s one of the spark plugs of our defense. He wears No. 33 and is going to be a four-year starter for us as well. He’s wide open all the time. A guy that just, you know, if we’re out at practice and we need a spark, you know he’s a guy that’s just going to holler and yell and get everybody going,” Simoneaux explained.

“Matthew Langois, he’s freaky athletic, like lifts more than me," said Lambert. “He’s faster - fastest dude on the team, by far. He makes amazing catches at practice and he’s very physical.”

Next up on Sportsline Summer Camp will be the Springfield Bulldogs on Sunday.

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