YOUR TURN: National Anthem

YOUR TURN - National Anthem

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - This week, WAFB returned to what was once a daily tradition on TV and radio stations across the country when the Star Spangled Banner played at sign-off of the broadcast day.

Stations across the country owned by Gray Television, WAFB’s parent company, will air the anthem every day. You saw it air on our noon newscast today.

One of the primary reasons we are airing this is because we all have the right to express our opinions, to protest, to kneel, to march, to celebrate, to salute, and to cheer. We have those rights because we live in America, and because of the men and women who fought and died to defend our freedom.

WAFB - National Anthem

It’s because of our founding fathers who established our constitution and Bill of Rights; that’s why we have the freedoms we are blessed with today.

Let’s not forget, in some countries if you express your opinion, you’ll end up in jail or dead.

So, we will play the national anthem every day to show our appreciation to the people who defend our freedom and to be thankful we call America home.

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