Leading by example: Mayor Broome talks about her fitness journey

Mayor Broome explains her decision to get healthy on Java Talk

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - It’s been a little over a year since Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome started a new citywide health initiative to get people more active. During that time, she’s learned a lot about her strengths, weaknesses, and what it takes to practice what you preach.

“I committed to making some lifestyle changes,” Mayor Broome said during an interview with Johnny Ahysen for Java Talk, WAFB’s weekly digital-only segment. “I wanted to lead by example. I didn’t want to have Move with the Mayor and I’m not moving.”

The Move with the Mayor program launched during the summer of 2018. The program is part of the larger Healthy BR initiative, which was launched by former mayor Kip Holden 16 years ago.

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“And what I encourage people to do is find your own path, your own journey to being healthy,” she said.

For her journey, Mayor Broome attacked her plan on two fronts. She started by getting physical with her Move with the Mayor program.

“I was all over the place. I was riding bikes, walking, running... running a little bit... wall climbing.”

Mayor Broome said her most difficult challenge came from a fourth-grade class at Westdale Elementary school.

“The gym teacher there, who has been in fitness for decades, she had me doing planks, she had all kinds of stuff. I was so out of shape.”

But you can’t lose weight with just exercise alone. That’s why Mayor Broome’s second approach involved what she was eating.

“It wasn’t that I wasn’t eating and sticking to my pescatarian lifestyle, it was that I never saw a french fry I didn’t like. Those french fries were killing me,” she joked.

She turned to Weigh Watchers to help her better manage her cravings, so now she still eats them, but in moderation.

All of her effort has really paid off.

“I started the journey of weight loss in March 2018 and by the end of the year I had lost 35 pounds,” she said. “Now the goal is keeping that weight off.”

Mayor Broome says she is going to keep walking down the path of better health. CLICK HERE to learn more about Healthy BR.

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