‘They damage it, they should come back and fix it’: Homeowner says after yard is torn apart by tractor

‘They damage it, they should come back and fix it’: Homeowner says after yard is torn apart by tractor
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LIVINGSTON PARISH, La. (WAFB) - It took about 20 years for Jay McClure to get his house the way he likes it. He basically built it with his bare hands. Right now, he’s working on a new fence.

”Trying to get the house back like it was before,” he said.

Livingston Parish contractor accused of causing damage to property

That’s what McClure does on his off days, but lately, he’s been focusing on another project that he didn’t dig up.

“This was 24 days ago on Friday afternoon,” McClure explained. “I’d gone to work. When I came in the next morning is when I saw the damage.”

McClure says Burns Maintenance left its mark on his property. The company cuts the grass for Livingston Parish every few weeks, but this time, it wasn’t a straight shot. He says while cutting the grass, the tractor was leaning on a hill and went too far into the ditch and slid in.

Someone caught everything on camera with a clear view of the tractor stuck in the ditch in McClure’s front yard. But that’s not the worst of it. He says it sat there for about three weeks, leaking hydraulic fluid, before the company picked it up.

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“When they pulled it up here, it sat and dropped probably about ten gallons of hydraulic fluid where y’all are standing,” he explained. “All they did is come out, put a little oil dry in the driveway, and that is all.”

McClure still has a problem though. His freshly manicured yard has patches. His new driveway now has oil spots. He’s begged the company to fix it. So far, McClure says all he’s gotten is false promises, so WAFB gave them a call.

Quinn Hebert, a supervisor with Burns Maintenance, says the tractor burst a hydraulic line, causing the oil to leak into McClure’s yard and driveway.

“We put oil dry. We tried to get the oil up off the ground," Hebert said.

McClure says the driveway was just filled in with fresh crushed concrete about two months ago so “there’s no telling how deep it’s soaked in by now.”

Hebert says they won’t be able to fix the issues immediately, but it will get done.

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“He isn’t going to be forgotten about. We’re definitely going to take care of him. That’s why we been out there," Hebert said.

McClure says words aren’t enough, but that he needs to see something done, and right now, time is everything for him; it’s his livelihood.

“If I have to fix it myself, I could be doing other things on my time off, try to finish my house, because I’m still working on it from the flood. I’m not asking for anything that shouldn’t be automatic. They damage it, they should come back and fix it.”

Hebert says they’ve been busy, but “that’s not an excuse” and they’re going to “do their part.” He says days without rain are necessary so they can clean up all the oil correctly.

The plan, he says, is to fill in the holes and other damage sometime the week of June 17.

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