Man found asleep in Governor’s Mansion accused of attempting to illegally enter nearby home hours earlier

Man found asleep in Governor’s Mansion accused of attempting to illegally enter nearby home hours earlier
Reynard Green, DOB: 12/1/1984

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - An arrest warrant filed for Reynard Green, 34, the same man troopers found sleeping on a couch in the Governor’s Mansion in April, may be the next piece to tracking his movements that morning.

Documents show police were dispatched to a home in the 1300 block of Lakeridge Drive less than a mile away from the Governor’s Mansion on April 17, hours before Reynard was found in the Governor’s Mansion.

A resident at that location told police a female and male were attempting to enter her home. The victim told investigators that she advised the male and female to go across the street and informed them she would call the police.

Police later spoke with the accused female who told them she’d gotten lost with her boyfriend while looking for a hospital. She also said that her boyfriend had left on foot. The boyfriend was not located.

Later, on May 13, investigators say they were contacted by the victim after she recognized Green on the news. The victim provided additional details to investigators saying she “heard someone at her back door and that is when she saw a black man pulling on her back door and pushing it with his body attempting to get inside.” The victim told investigators she watched the man for what felt like 2 minutes. She told investigators Green was the man attempting to enter her home.

Green is being charged with attempted crime and unauthorized entry of an inhabited dwelling, according to the warrant.

In an embarrassing moment for Louisiana State Police (LSP), Reynard was later able to sneak into the Governor’s Mansion undetected with a small amount of synthetic marijuana in his pocket.

East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff Sid Gautreaux said booking records show Green was found sleeping on a couch and had broken an antique table. The arrest report further states Green was found just before 6 a.m. Once he was transported for booking, he reportedly began to swing at an officer, hitting him in the chest. Green was then placed in leg shackles as he was becoming “extremely violent.”

The report goes on to say Green struck another officer while he was being shackled.

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards gave only a brief statement when asked about the incident during a public appearance Tuesday, April 23.

“I’m not going to address any specific information relative to that,” Edwards said. “It’s still an open investigation the State Police is conducting, and I will just say that I appreciate all the work that they do to keep me and my family safe. At no time were we anything other than safe.”

The governor would not say whether he or the First Lady were at home at the time of the security breach, citing the ongoing state police investigation.

Warrant shows new details about man's movements hours before being found in Governor's Mansion

Louisiana State Police (LSP) says investigators are unable to discuss if any troopers have faced consequences because of the incident, whether investigators learned how Green was able to enter the Governor’s Mansion undetected, or if security protocols had been reviewed and changed as part of the investigation. LSP released the following statement Tuesday, June 11.

“The Louisiana State Police can’t comment in regard to the pending criminal prosecution. Furthermore, State Police will not comment on the security protocols for the Governor, his family, the Governor’s Mansion, and/or any security associated with the Office of the Governor.”

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