La. legislative session ends; gov. signs 45 bills into law

La. legislative session ends; gov. signs 45 bills into law
Gov. John Bel Edwards (Source: WAFB)

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - The 2019 Regular Legislative Session ended Thursday, June 6, and on Friday, Governor John Bel Edwards signed 45 bills into law.


The governor signed the following bills:

  • ACT 124—SB 41 Provides relative to the regulation of pharmacy benefit managers.
  • ACT 125—SB 117 Provides relative to post-secondary textbooks and instructional materials.
  • ACT 126—SB 170 Creates the Rural Water Infrastructure Committee within the governor's office.
  • ACT 127—SB 174 Provides relative to the annual appropriation for the councils on aging.
  • ACT 128—SB 243 Creates the Dual Enrollment Framework Task Force.
  • ACT 129—HB 122 Provides for Revenue Sharing Distribution for Fiscal Year 2019-2020.
  • ACT 130—HB 10 Provides with respect to off-duty law enforcement witness fees for the 24th Judicial District. 
  • ACT 131—HB 18 Authorizes the governing authority of Amite City to name a fire station in honor of a living person.
  • ACT 132—HB 26 Authorizes the governing authority of the town of Church Point to name a community center after a living person. 
  • ACT 133—HB 30 Provides that a U.S. military identification card may be used at the polls for voting purposes.
  • ACT 134—HB 33 Provides relative to the powers of the chief of police for the town of Homer.
  • ACT 135—HB 35 Provides relative to the jurisdictional limits of the City Court of Lake Charles. 
  • ACT 136—HB 39 Provides relative to surplus witness fees of off-duty law enforcement officers. 
  • ACT 137—HB 41 Provides relative to the membership of the governing board of the Housing Authority of New Orleans.
  • ACT 138—HB 55 Provides relative to a special taxing district in Avoyelles Parish to fund construction and operation of courtroom and related facilities.
  • ACT 139—HB 84 To provide for funds collected from boat registration fees.
  • ACT 140—HB 94 Provides relative to the membership of the Louisiana Strawberry Marketing Board.
  • ACT 141—HB 95 Provides relative to payment of insurance premiums for certain sheriffs and deputy sheriffs of the Vernon Parish Sheriff's Office.
  • ACT 142—HB 98 Creates the St. Tammany Parish Retired Employees' Insurance Fund.
  • ACT 143—HB 99 Provides relative to background checks for certain head coaches of youth athletes.
  • ACT 144—HB 142 Authorizes additional means of harvesting oysters on the oyster seed grounds under the oyster seed ground vessel permit. 
  • ACT 145—HB 150 Provides relative to the position of police chief in the city of Houma. 
  • ACT 146—HB 153 Provides relative to the salaries of certain members of the police department of the city of Houma.
  • ACT 147—HB 158 Provides relative to the detention or release of juveniles.
  • ACT 148—HB 160 Provides for the collection and reporting of certain information relative to school safety and discipline.
  • ACT 149—HB 179 Authorizes Caddo Parish Fire District No. 3 to levy and collect a sales and use tax. 
  • ACT 150—HB 183 Levies an annual reclamation fee on surface mining operations. 
  • ACT 151—HB 205 Renames the Non-Flood Protection Asset Management Authority.  
  • ACT 152—HB 206 Authorizes the lease of property in the parishes of Orleans and Jefferson.
  • ACT 153—HB 222 Provides relative to the French Quarter Management District in the city of New Orleans. 
  • ACT 154—HB 224 Authorizes officers to issue a citation in lieu of arrest for persons with a suspended, revoked, or canceled driver’s license.
  • ACT 155—HB 245 Authorizes a public entity to reject the lowest bid on a procurement contract when a vendor engages in a boycott of Israel.
  • ACT 156—HB 275 Provides relative to post-conviction DNA testing.
  • ACT 157—HB 294 Provides for anonymous sexual assault climate surveys at public post-secondary educational institutions.
  • ACT 158—HB 351 Provides relative to pleas of guilty or nolo contendere in felony cases.
  • ACT 159—HB 381 Provides relative to the board of commissioners of the Vermilion and Iberia Railroad Development District. 
  • ACT 160—HB 391 Provides for the certification of veteran-owned businesses.
  • ACT 161—HB 433 Authorizes a pharmacist to decline to dispense a covered prescription drug if the coverage provider reimburses the pharmacy in an amount less than the drug's acquisition cost . 
  • ACT 162—HB 478 Authorizes a family member of a law enforcement officer to purchase his duty firearm upon death.
  • ACT 163—HB 479 Establishes the New Orleans Ferry Fund and provides for the use of the monies in the fund.
  • ACT 164—HB 491 Provides for the regulation of industrial hemp.
  • ACT 165—HB 506 Provides for the collection and reporting of data.  
  • ACT 166—HB 512 Provides relative to the use of court costs and fees for services by constables and marshals.
  • ACT 167—HB 538 Provides relative to pharmacy record audits. 
  • ACT 168—HB 590 Provides relative to the River Parishes Convention, Tourist, and Visitors District. 

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