LSU fans have mixed reaction to SEC lifting ban on alcohol sales in college stadiums

Updated: May. 31, 2019 at 9:38 PM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - After LSU’s win over Stony Brook on Friday, May 31, some fans are cheering for another reason. The same day, the SEC voted to lift its ban on alcohol sales inside college stadiums.

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“I’m not really too sure exactly what it is, but it is unbelievable,” said one fan.

It’s no secret that LSU fans know how to party. Even the opposing teams know what’s up.

“I’ll find you guys here tomorrow at some point,” said a Stony Brook fan.

But many fans have complained for years that their cold beers have to stay at their tailgates. Come August 1, that all changes. The SEC says schools can sell alcohol anywhere inside their sporting venues.

“Having alcohol in the stadium will hopefully keep people in the seats," said another fan.

”We won’t be as inclined to sneak stuff into the stadium anymore," chimed in one fan.

“In New Orleans, it works there, so I don’t see why it can’t work here,” said another fan.

“Why not? I got one in my hand," asked a fan.

There will be some rules that apply to every school in the conference though. Only beer and wine will allowed. You can also only get one drink at a time and it must be served in a cup. There will also be cut-off times for each sport. Alcohol will not be sold after the third quarter for football and in the seventh inning stretch for baseball.

But some fans are concerned about the new rules, wondering if more alcohol could cause more problems in the stands. Some schools, like West Virginia, reported a sharp decline in alcohol-related incidents since it started serving beer and wine in 2011.

“As long as there’s no chaos,” said one fan.

“Maybe some people will drink less before the game, but there’s probably going to be a handful of folks who still drink,” another fan suggested.

“I dunno about selling it for people in the seats. I think it’d get out of hand ‘cause we Cajuns really drink a lot, ya’ know,” said a fan.

The decision will likely mean the end of premium areas like The Yard at Alex Box Stadium and The Chute at Tiger Stadium. Athletic officials no longer need to get creative to find ways around the beer ban.

WAFB spoke with LSU officials Friday. They say they’re still reviewing the new policy, but that they’re prepared to make some changes. They’re reviewing best practices at other college stadiums to see what works best.

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