Tips to beat the heat and stay cool as summer temps ramp up

How to get your A/C ready for summer

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Louisiana heat is something even natives have not quite gotten used to, but ready or not, summer is getting closer, and the days are getting hotter.

“It is hot. I can’t take this heat. I can be out here a little while. I stay in the house, get in the shade. You got to come out sometimes, but I can’t stay out here too long,” said Darrell, as he sat on his front porch in the Garden District.

The majority of us choose to stay inside with the air conditioner keeping us cool, however, those with central air can do a few things at home, along with professional routine maintenance, to keep their AC units running smoothly.

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"A lot of time, people are buying these very thick units and those filters actually stress the units. If you use your cheaper version of a filter, it goes along with protecting and preserving the life of it,” said Henry Knieper, owner of Henry Homes, llc.

Knieper says it’s also a good idea to keep the coils on the outdoor unit clean by rinsing them periodically.

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“Another tip and trick is this, time of the year, algae starts growing inside of your P-trap. If you could take half a cup vinegar, poor it down the little P-trap, a lot of times that kills it, cleans it, and allows it to drain,” said Knieper.

For more tips and advice for AC maintenance, see the full interview with Knieper below.

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