Gov. Edwards signs first bills of 2019 regular legislative session into law

Gov. Edwards signs first bills of 2019 regular legislative session into law
Governor John Bel Edwards

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - On Wednesday, May 29, Governor John Bel Edwards signed the first bills of the 2019 regular legislative session into law. He also issued his first veto.

Edwards signed the following bills into law:

  • HB 9 - Provides relative to costs of expungement of a record.
  • HB 25 - Provides a universal definition of “serious bodily injury” for purposes of Title 14 of La. Revised Statutes.
  • HB 44 - Provides for ex officio notaries public with certain limited authority for DeSoto Parish Police Jury.
  • HB 102 - Provides relative to the disposition of remains of a homicide victim.
  • HB 111 Provides relative to the crime of disarming of a peace officer.
  • HB 115 - Creates “Purple Heart Disabled Veteran” special prestige license plate.
  • HB 123 - Exempts from Public Records Law information relative to certain activities associated with stocking and breeding of alligators.
  • HB 124 - Requires return of certain abandoned funds to town of Berwick.
  • HB 134 - Provides relative to qualifications to be appointed notary public.
  • HB 155 - Provides with respect to fire department identification numbers and submission of fire reports.
  • HB 180 - Creates crime of interfering with emergency communication.
  • HB 303 - Provides for fingerprinting for criminal history background checks for employment in a financial institution.
  • HB 305 - Provides relative to telemarketing to elder persons and persons with disabilities.
  • HB 365 - Creates a “Disabled Peace Officer” specialty license plate.
  • HB 396 - Provides relative to bank operating subsidiaries.
  • HB 417 - Provides relative to payments to minor from judgment or settlement.
  • HB 481 - Provides relative to specialty prestige license plates.
  • HB 297 - Provides for filing procedures; withdrawal procedure; revocation or suspension of a certificate of authority; conversion of state of organization requests, etc.
  • HB 343 - Provides for technical corrections to various provisions of Title 17 of La. Revised Statutes.

Edwards vetoed House Bill 11, which provides relative to taking into custody of 17-year-olds who commit a misdemeanor-grade delinquent act. Click here to read what Edwards had to say about the veto.

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