Baton Rouge mother fighting deadly disease passes away

Baton Rouge mother fighting deadly disease passes away
Alicia Peterson and her son, Cameron

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Alicia Peterson, 32, suffered from a rare, often fatal disease called calciphylaxis. The disease causes calcium to build in the blood vessels and skin tissue, which can lead to painful ulcers all over the body. Peterson was in intensive care at a local hospital, and was transferred to see a specialist in Boston thanks to her family fighting for her life.

Peterson’s family sadly reported to WAFB Thursday, May 30, that she had passed away a few days after making it to Boston.

Baton Rouge woman battling rare disease now in Boston, Massachusetts receiving expert treatment
Baton Rouge woman fights for her life after being diagnosed with rare disease

“With the disease being uncommon, I honestly believe that they’re not sure if they want to take the risk, but it’s either A: we allow her to stay where she is and die, knowing that she’s not getting what she needs, B: we get her the treatment that she needs to live and she deserves that,” said Maria Shantell Williams, Peterson’s sister.

“Part of the reason I know she’s fighting so hard is because of her son. She has one son, 12-years-old, Cameron, and she’s fighting to get back to her son,” said Karen Peterson, Alicia’s mother.

Peterson was diagnosed with the disease in November of 2018. Doctors recommended Peterson have her wounds cared for at a burn unit, however, no facilities in the area accepted her.

Her family has set up a GoFundMe account to help pay for hospital bills.

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