Learn more about the First Alert Titan 9 Storm Tracker

Keeping you and your family safe during severe weather

Learn more about the First Alert Titan 9 Storm Tracker

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Chances are you’ve seen WAFB’s Titan 9 Storm Tracker on the road or in your neighborhood over recent months.

Titan 9 was on the streets during the flooding rains on May 9, identifying road hazards from standing water for commuters during their evening drive home.

Titan 9 is the region’s leading weather technology on four wheels. WAFB’s Titan 9 Storm Tracker is a collaborative effort with a couple of our key partners, Price LeBlanc Nissan and CSC Customs.

“When I first got the phone call about being involved with Titan 9, I remembered back to that Saturday morning of the ’16 flood," recalled Brent LeBlanc, owner of Price LeBlanc Nissan. "My son calls me and says, ‘Dad, we’ve got to go get some people in Denham Springs.’ I thought about it and I said, 'Go find the tallest truck we have on the lot 'cause that’s what we’ll need. When we were picking a truck for Titan 9, we’ve got it in the Titan XD.”

But the Storm Team needed a vehicle capable of handling any situation. So we turned to Chris Wagley at CSC Customs.

“I wanted to build something that would hold up to those type situations,” Wagley said. "When WAFB came to me with this idea, everything that we see in this rig now, is what I saw in my head. I knew that we could build a machine that nobody else has around here.

Sitting in the “shotgun seat” of Titan 9, a meteorologist, forecaster, or reporter can control all the video that you see at home. We control our three camera options using an iPad that allows us to switch between sources.

We can switch to the road camera that sends video from the front of the truck looking forward. Or, we can switch to the roof camera. That roof camera is a 360-degree camera and it also allows us to look vertically, if we need to look straight up at the sky. There’s also the camera that allows us to speak directly to you at home.

Titan 9 is a traveling WiFi node and it uses multiple cellular channels. the combination of WiFi and cell technology allows the Storm Tracker to receive and send critical data as well as deliver the Titan 9 television signal to you.

The workstation in the back of the Titan 9 has multiple functions. It allows us to monitor the weather information being collected by the sensors on the Titan 9, including temperature, wind speed, and humidity.

There’s another function that allows us to tie back into the weather producer computers at the WAFB weather center. We can function and operate the weather center remotely using this computer as if we were sitting in the weather center itself.

The Titan 9 Storm Tracker is more than just weather technology on four wheels. It is literally a traveling weather studio. But more importantly, the Titan 9 technology allows the WAFB Storm Team to get added, critical information to keep you and your family safe during disruptive weather.

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