Bayou Country Superfest brings joy to fans and local businesses

Bayou Country Superfest brings joy to fans and local businesses
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - People from all over the country celebrated the Bayou Country Superfest at LSU’s Tiger Stadium.

“Yes, we’re excited. This is our first time. We’re from Tallahassee, Florida, so this is our first time coming to the festival,” said one festival goer.

The festival brings some of country music’s hottest artists to Louisiana. However, many local fans were sad to see the festival moved from the capital city for the last two years.

“To be with my brother, we haven’t been together in a couple year, so it’s really exciting. We liked it in New Orleans, but we really like it here,” said another festival goer.

Local businesses also say having the festival back in town is major, especially on a weekend when many families leave for vacation.

“It’s a gigantic impact because otherwise it would be Memorial Day weekend and people leave town. Memorial Day weekend without the concert would be slower than normal,” said Hernando Cuellar, manager of a Walk-On’s Bistreaux and Bar.

Cuellar says the festival is great for businesses all over the capital city.

"Our whole thing is to offer a memorable game day experience, and this allows us to do that without actually having a game day,” said Cuellar.

Businesses and fans hope to see the Bayou Country Superfest continue for years to come.

Bayou Country Superfest brings happy fans, business opportunities to Baton Rouge

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