Area law enforcement visit neighborhood to curb violence ahead of summer

Area law enforcement visit neighborhood to curb violence ahead of summer

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Members of law enforcement hit the streets Monday afternoon to reach folks in the 70802 area. It is just one of the communities they visit throughout the year to build relationships and tackle crime.

“It’s been a lot of killing you know off and on,” said Sandra Reddit.

Police say they have seen a recent uptick in violence in this particular zip code and tell us timing is everything. As kids get out for summer, now is the crucial window to cut off potential crimes before they happen.

“In summertime we do see spikes in homicide. We see spikes in kids who accidentally shoot and hurt themselves and we don’t want to see that this summer,” said District Attorney Hillar Moore.

They spent the evening going door-to-door and talking directly to folks inside. Apart from the regular snacks that make the meet and greets so popular, law enforcement also whipped up a few sno balls to help them beat the heat and get neighbors talking.

“Everybody’s happy and that’s really good,” Redditt added. “It’s a good thing to do because I’m even enjoying mine.”

Redditt calls it a nice personal touch and believes it will help her neighbors feel more comfortable and open up to law enforcement about area problems. One of the issues on her mind is not just the increase of crime during the summer but the ongoing eyesore not far from her front door.

“The house across the street here has been empty for I know over two years and they haven’t torn it down and I say they need to tear that down because they’re going in there doing drugs and stuff and God knows what else,” said Redditt.

These are the kind of complaints the district attorney says they just will not hear about unless they make a point to spend time in the community.

“We don’t want to tell them what we think the problems are, we want them to tell us,” said Moore.

It is also an opportunity to send a strong message not just to the kids but everyone across the community.

“We know that they care because they are coming out to see us and ask us questions,” said Redditt.

Law enforcement leaders say each time they host one of the meet and greets they typically see crime dip in the area for about three weeks. This is just one of the many events they have planned throughout the summer to give parents and kids a positive outlet.

Law enforcement canvass communities hoping to curb violence ahead of summer

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