New medical marijuana clinic opens in Baton Rouge

New medical marijuana clinic opens in Baton Rouge

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Medical marijuana will soon be available to qualifying patients, despite recent roadblocks to access. Now, health care providers are expanding to provide for potential patients.

Dr. Chad Rossitter and his wife, Isabella Rossitter, held a grand opening for the Total Health Clinic. Located on Essen Lane near Our Lady of the Lake, the facility provides screenings and recommendations for people who qualify for medical marijuana treatment.

Dr. Rossitter says the treatment could be life changing for many.

"We’ve seen a lot of patients that can benefit from this therapy. These patients are desperate and they’re looking for something to help them get them back to a normal lifestyle close, or as close as possible in most cases,” Rossitter said.

In order to qualify for medical marijuana treatment, patients would have to be diagnosed with at least one of the 14 medical conditions approved by the state. Potential patients can then visit the clinic for screenings and get a recommendation for medical marijuana. Dr. Rossitter said his clinic is not a dispensary, but rather an additional avenue for patients seeking the alternative treatment when it becomes available.

“I have had a lot of positive feedback from patients who have tried medicinal marijuana in other states and have even went as far as wanting to relocate there just to treat their chronic illness,”Rossitter said.

New medical marijuana clinic opens in Baton Rouge

Rossitter and his wife both said the treatment could also help with the nationwide fight against the opioids epidemic.

“We’d like to think that it means hope. A lot of patients, they are on opioids, and they’re looking to get off of that,” Isabella Rossitter said.

“This is the gateway to get off opioids. We think of this to help out with the opioid crisis that we’re facing in the nation. I think this is going to be a key ingredient to that,” Chad Rositter said.

The clinic will begin seeing patients Monday, May 20.

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