Donations pouring into abortion fund after Alabama bill signed into law

Donations pouring into abortion fund after Alabama bill signed into law
The Yellowhammer Fund (Source: The Yellowhammer Fund)

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) -An Alabama-based organization that helps pay for abortions has received thousands of dollars in donations after the abortion bill was signed into law.

The Yellowhammer Fund helps women pay for abortions and transportation to the facilities. About three to ten people stay at Amanda Reyes’ facility the night before their procedures. Reyes says since the abortion bill signed into law, some clients are anxious.

"We have already seen panic from people who are unsure of whether or not they are going to be able get the abortion that they have scheduled this week,” Reyes, the president of the Yellowhammer Fund said.

Reyes says her organization has received thousands of dollars in donations over the past few days from supporters. National groups are also helping raise money. On Twitter, celebrities and politicians are asking their supporters to donate to groups like the Yellowhammer Fund. Reyes expects to be able to help twice as many women get abortions than last year.

Donations are also pouring into the American Civil Liberties Union to help pay for the possible legal battle against the state.

“Many people have reached out to us in support of our efforts to maintain a woman’s right to choose,” said Kira Fonteneau of the ACLU of Alabama. "Make no mistake, this is a local issue and these are issues that people in Alabama are having to grapple with and it’s our legislature, it’s our elected officials and it’s our laws that we’re challenging.”

Reyes says she’ll keeping fighting as well. "The people at the clinics in the state of Alabama are going to do everything we can to make sure that people get the abortion care that they need.”

Reyes says the Yellowhammer Fund helped over 300 women get abortions in 2018.

There is no known fund or crowdsourcing effort right now to help pay for the state’s case should this law end up in court.

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