False River remains swollen and causing concern for some residents

Swollen False River still concerning

JARREAU, La. (WAFB) - The folks along False River in Jarreau are at the mercy of Mother Nature as the swollen waterway has crept just inches from overtaking a group of condos on Island Road.

“I’m just kind of saying some prayers and I’m really hoping that it doesn’t go in,” said Jaci Sadden.

Heavy downpours at the tail end of last week and through the weekend caught those who live in the condos off guard. Sadden says it took just hours Saturday to swallow up her backyard .

“I was like oh okay and then it finally covered it and I woke up the next morning and the whole pier was gone and it gradually came up and into the alleyway and a mess,” said Sadden.

With random cat bowls and who knows what else floating around in her yard, Sadden says the biggest concern is critters from the river finding a new home at her backdoor.

“You have snakes and you know you have the alligators and I’m just waiting for one to be in my garage and I’m going to have a heart attack,” said Sadden.

The water is high between the condos and in several spots it is close to invading some of the garages. The fear for some is that if any more rain falls, the False River will spill over into the homes.

Down the road, Twiggy Castello says they have it bad on both sides. They are facing not just False River but also Bayou Chenal out back.

“About every couple of years, we’ll get a good rise,” he said. “This bayou was running really fast and I’ve never seen it running that fast before.”

With 11 inches of rain over a three-day period, Castello says one of his neighbors across the street flooded but he was lucky.

“You know I’ve never had water in the house but I mean everybody on the other side, every time we get a lot of rain, they get devastated over there,” said Castello said.

So many in that area says it brings up flashbacks of 2016 because that was the last time the waters rose. Now they are hoping the water will recede.

“I’m hoping that we’re just about to crest and it’ll start going back down but it’ll take five or six days,” said Castello.

As of Monday evening, the latest river stage reading for False River was listed at 19.5 feet.

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